Jenny & Dat are a very shy couple, but really sure knows how to make our cameras sizzle.  We started out at a truly breath-taking ocean front scenic spot overlooking our beautiful Pacific Ocean.  The soft wind current gracefully blew Jenny’s fuchsia red dress made for some epic shots!   The second location was at a Rancho Palos Verdes shopping center where we felt like we were in Europe.  The huge sculptured statue in the middle of the parking lot, the delicate magenta bougainvillea embracing the red brick walls and a walkway with columns were a photographer’s delight!    When the sun started settle, we climbed on an ocean cliff and ended our session with some creative silhouette shots where Dat recreated his proposal to Jenny.  We are thrilled to share some of the amazing moments captured of them and we can’t wait for their wedding in January of 2017!

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