We had such a fun time capturing the wedding photography & cinematography for Jenny and Michael. The couple was very vibrant & full of joy, and their wedding theme works off of their professions. Jenny of Intricakes is a baker and makes gorgeous cakes for weddings, while Michael is a newly minted Dentist.  Jenny will make tasty cakes and perhaps cause people toothaches, leading them to Michael’s dental office.  Some can say they surely do have quite the business relationship going on hence their wedding hashtag #cakesandtoothaches.  But really, we saw cakes and toothaches theme as representing the giving nature of their relationship and how they are always helping each other and the people in their life.

Their day began at the beautiful Avenue of the Arts Hotel in Costa Mesa.  Jenny and the girls were full of smiles and laughter as they prepped for the day and were dolled up by Jenny’s sister, Kimmy V. Michael and the boys were relaxed and had the occasional laugh when they joked about their memories of Michael.  The light and relaxed atmosphere changed when time came for the card reading.  The Avenue of the Arts is a place for self-expression and the couple surely expressed their love for each other as they cried & smiled reading each other’s heartfelt letters & exchanged gifts.  After card reading, it was time for the first look.  Jenny, in her Enzoani wedding gown walked along a cobblestone path hemmed in by green ferns and towering pine trees, and off in the distance was her husband.   She reached for her husband and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and immediately the spark in their eyes ignited.

Next the couple ventured to St. Barbara Catholic Church for their ceremony.  They said their vows and walked out the church as husband and wife.  They then arrived at the Christ Cathedral for their reception, the very same parish in which Jenny’s parents were married.  They had an outdoor reception, under the canopy of open air white tents planned by Victoria of A good Affair Weddings.  The tables were decorated by The Flower Boutique Inc. with elegant white flowers, hints of taupe and green tapestry.  Near the center stage, sat Jenny’s marvelous pillared wedding cake designed  by hers truly with details replicating the pattern & design of her wedding gown.  Overall the feeling was light and airy, yet romantically lit.  Family and friends celebrated Jenny and Michael’s day with great joy with DJ Dewey Duy Ninh as the Master of Ceremonies for fun games such as Plinko and danced to Elon Event’s spinning tunes.  The kids even had their own table to doodle & dine!  Hopefully,  they won’t come knocking at Michael’s door complaining about toothaches after indulging in Jenny’s delicious cake.  We had an amazing time filming Jenny and Michael’s day and wish them a lifetime of happiness!