M&M’s SDE and Back Story Love Story have all the elements of a modern & romantic cinematography. From choosing the set locations, when and where to use aerial drone shots, the creative and interpretive decisions our team had to make in using the framing and lighting of each cinematography shots, we added a bold new masterpiece to our collection of authentic wedding love stories.

Michelle & Michael is M&M, just like the chocolate candy most of us can’t resist. As one of the Father stated (it should be noted that there was a total of 20 priests in attendance for their wedding ceremony!), “chocolate is the sugar coating that protects love”. On M&M’s wedding day, there was so much love from family & friends, and all of their wedding vendors executed everything with perfection.

A moment to reflect on is Michael’s prayer to his parents in the morning moments before the tea ceremony began. Although they have passed, somehow we were able to include them in the SDE, a validation that their soul & love lives on and all were in attendance to celebrate M&M’s beautiful wedding day!